Why can only a small part of players win at casinos?

That's because those players who find the way to win regularly at casino naturally keep it to themselves. We are a group of five players, who came up with an efficient system to defeat casino. We don't need it anymore, because we have more money, than we could ever spend. But now we would like to show it to you and you can make a lot of money by playing in casino too. Do you think, you aren't capable of it? False, even though coming up with this idea took years of work, it's so simple that everyone can use it. I know for sure, because we have succesfully taught several people how to use it.

Surely you have many questions, answers to the most common of them are here:

  • There's nothing illegal about this method
  • This method can be used anytime directly from your home
  • This method has been put through mathematical analysis
  • If you don't believe, you can verify it yourself for free
  • We don't want anything for using our method We have so much money they don't even matter for us anymore

We've searched for a long time for a way to profit on playing online. We were thinking, why nobody can do it. We've spent whole days and nights playing and tried many different ways to win. We added our vast knowledge about mathematics and statistics to the experiments. We've sacrificed several years to it. And now we wan't to share our results with you.

During that period we really discovered few methods using which we could make money at roulette. This understanding completely changed our lives. Now we will advise you, how one of the invented ways to win at roulette works.

We will show you how from just a few chips you can regularly make such figures of money, that you will never have to work again. Don't worry, you will certainly manage to win.

Our motivation

Our group of five people, who came up with this way of playing has already pockets full enough. Not only us, but also a lot of our friends whom we told our secret. Now we wan't to give this chance to win nice money to everyone who is willing to go by our method. We remember, how sad it is to not have much money and we don't want to just watch people who are more poor than us and not help them. We aren't ingenerous and it will make as happy if more people will get rich as we did. We could certainly start selling this guide with great profits, but we don't really need more money. Moreover, people tend to be doubtful and not many would believe us, that we want to help them and this guide could have not reached those who need it. If you want to do something in a return, when you get rich, send us a bottle of wine and your picture. We collect pictures of people we made rich men of.

We believe, that you will resolve to use our method. If you don't, you can't win.

When we use this method, we make regularly from €60 to €80 per month. If you follow our advice, there's no way you couldn't do it either.

Make money from the comfort of your home.

To make it as short as possible: When you want to play internet roulette, follow basic rules. Read a bit about roulette, so that you can understand terms like street, straight, split, spin or corner. You also need to read about how the roulette works. I will tell briefly that I read about methods to play safely, but I only made a little money. I also read about quick and high profits, that are pertinent to the risk of "quick death". I used them too, but I was always strained about when the fail would come. Roulette sites are honest. That's waht I appreciate the most. I write them about how the system works and they describe, how it's favourable for players and for roulette. Some roulettes for example do not allow to use free spin, which is an advantage for players. That's why it's good this method at roulettes, where it is allowed. Briefly said, the roulette gripped me and I still enjoy it. I still engage myself with finding new ways to play most safely and still earn big money. All facts considered, it is possible to find such way. Carl

Why can only a small part of players win at casinos?

How to make a lot of money?

From the fact you have visited our site, we assume you really want to make nice money using internet. Internet surely provides many chances to make much money. To use some of them, you need those:

  • Certain abilities and skills
  • patience, self-discipline and lot of free time
  • idea, which noone before ever had
  • or just to use efficient method, that someone came up with and tried before you

It's clear that as an employee working for someone you will never make much money. Maybe enough to live on comfortably but not enough to truly enjoy the life. The quote of well-known investor Robert T. Kiyosaki confirms that, as it says: "The real accomplishment isn't to climb up the career ladder, but to make your own..."

In real world, there are only two legal ways using which will get you large amount of money. It's either great investment idea or winning a lot of money.

  • Good ideas don't come to everyone. If it were so easy, every man would be a rich man.
  • The chance of winning a lot of money, is maybe even smaller than the chance to have a good idea.

Other ways:

Practically none. We conjucted the tw oways mentioned above into one. A good idea and earning cash. Naturally, from the former idea we had to make a lot of trials and improvements. But now it works perfectly and we make money.

Such guides usually cause doubtfulness. Nowadays nobody believes that he could get something for free. But now you really can. You only need to read through this guide to the end and then use it. If you don't believe then you can try it for free and see for yourself.

Our way

On the internet we found some methods, that were similar to the ours. However, those methods seldom related to the amount of funds deposited, which is alse very important part of our method. If you want to win, it's extremely important to follow our instructions.

Our method is built on using well-proven mathematical process. It's vital to pay attention, that not all casinos offer game system, that our method is compatible with. So choose your casino carefully as if you choose wrong one, you can lose.

It's hard to believe that it really works, but since you are still reading this article, dedicate a few more moments of attention to it and you will soon understand what this method is about.

We can prove to you mathematically, that this method works. Maths is an exact science, so you can be sure it will really work.


Howdy! My name is Larry. I work in an IT company. But I don't to talk about work, but about playing. I intentionally do not write my surname or my company's name so that noone can find out that I play in work. I like to play on computer in my free time (and I must admit, also through my working hours, when there isn't much to do) I played like everything. Some time ago I spent a lot of time playing Warcraft, had interest in shooter games, logic games and so on. Now I was gripped by the roulette. I was so amazed, that roulette can also be played online. But the main thing is that it's a good game. I love the thrill, when I wait and wonder in what number it will turn out. I know there are various tactics and methods, but I prefer simply betting on black, red, odd and even. But it's a fact, that I am still in the beginnings. Well, good luck!

Why can only a small part of players win at casinos?

How does it all work?

This is one of the most popular roulette methods. but we added some improvements, that increase it's efficiency a lot. System is ok in the former version, but after appending our improvements, it's almost impossible to lose.

Because casinos usually use Euro, we will use this common European currency in explanation too.

At the beginning we will bet €1 on a color. It doesn't matter what color. The thing that matters is to wair until a color comes twice in a row and then bet on the other.

If you win, everything is OK. However, if you lose, you need to bet twice as much in the next round, so €2. If you lose even then, bet €4. And then €8. Multiple your bet in this way, until your color turns up and you win. Just remember to bet on the same color until you win!

Let's count , what happens in the moment you win. Let's say you won in the round you bet €8 in. That way you get €16. Your earnings before were 8 + 4 + 2 + 1, thus €15. In the total, you won €1. And that is the secret of the success of our method. Whenever you win, your total profit is €1. And then you start from the beginning and repeat the same process.

Can I really win every time?

In the total sum, of course! The success lies in the fact that you constantly lose little cash. And from time to time you win a larger amount. The graph below shows how will the number of your chips grow. It's important to remain patient with this method. I know it beckons to be used to win much larger bets at once. However, please use our method as only that way you can be sure, that you will certainly win.

Our method

If you keep betting €1, as we recommend, the chance of winning is 18/37, which means 48.65%. Counting with the possibility of hitting the 0. If you bet only once, casino has bigger chance to win, that you. But that's not what you will do.

As you will progress, according to our advice, in the next round you will multiply the bet by two. The same still holds true so still almost 50% chanve. If you do it many times, you will almost eliminate the risk of losing. And the value of your prize will still be €1, which you bet in the beginning.

The amount of cash in the table is a simulation of 1000 plays. According to our experience, such number of plays can be done in about 10 hours.

Why does it even work?

The thing is that you bet on colors so you have 50% chance to win. It's practically the same as flipping a coin. There's chance your color will never turn up is the same as chance you will be hitting only one color. Just try it. Try to flip a coin so that the same side will come up 10 times in a row. You will see that it's almost impossible.

If you have already ascertained that you can't flip a coin to the same side so many times, you probably understand, how our system works. But some of you might be doubtful and question, whether casino won't realize the same and make a countermeasure.

No such thing can happen. Try and visit a casino, you will meet many people who wear watch that have much higher value than your year's salary. Many of them won big in casino. Even so, the method can be used over and over succesfully. So become on of them. If you want, you can soon become as rich as they are.

Just be cautious, that those poeple have so much money they don't care how much they bet. Don't compete with them. Go at your own pace. Win the €1 and soon you will get to really appealing values.

What can cause some trouble?

Advice #1

Many players are so drawn in by the system that they begin to alter it. They try to make changes so they would win a lot of money faster. Therefore they don''t play by our system and usually end up losing. In any case, don't do that. Follow the here described method accurately and you will win. Misobey them and you will probably lose.

Advice #2

You need some funds to double your bet in case of loss. Our experience implies that enough are funds for 6 plays so 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32. That's altogether €63. that's the amount of funds you should prepare before starting to play.

Why is it 6 plays?

At first, you will wait for the same color to come up twice in a row and then you bet on the other. That means the wrong color would have to come 8 times in a row in order for you to lose. Thanks to that, there's only 0.6% chance you can lose. The chance of winning is 99.4%. The probability is on your side.

That's the key to success of this method. Sometimes you may lose, but you win almost all the time. The few losses are compensated by your losses well enough. Following table wiill show you, how your chance to win depends on the deposit you start with. What amount of fund you deposit is up to you. Remember that higher the deposit, the risk of loss also shrinks.

If you want to lower the risk even more, start the game with €150. But you should win even with €63. Do not try to play with less money. In such case, there is a high possibility you lose and the game wouldn't pay off for you.

Do you understand now why only a small part of players can win at casinos?

Should I prepare €63 or €150 then?

This depends on you. If you don't have €150, you can take €63. €150 is a little bit more safe, although €63 should be enough.

The most important thing is to have enough money to cover temporary losses, if the same colour comes up for few times in a row. If you overcome this, the right color has to come up once. Remember that casinos are used to dealing with players, that usually lose big amounts of money. However, casinos are seldom expecting players to:

  • Play with a large amount of money in way where they split it into small bets. The way you will do it, when you will divide your €63 by €1 per bet.
  • Use safe and proven system

If you decide to use €150 instead of €63, it has another merit, simultaneously with safety. This way you should win more money too. You will lose less often and thanks to that will your playing have better returnability than if you had only €63.

So think carefully about how much money can you invest in the game. The difference between €150 and €63 isn't as much, considered that you can increase the amount of money won by preparing more funds for playing. Surely you can save somewhere else to have enough money for the roulette. It's worth it.

Why bet exactly €1?

Casinos often offer bets such as €0.10 or €1. But €0.10 bet is too low to win any reasonable amounts of money. So, choose rather €1. €0.10 has another disadvantage. You won't earn money as quickly and it will tempt you to disobey our guide. That's of course the way to lose everything instantly.

Can I play with less money?

Yes, but the system is made so that it will work correctly with €63. If you use lower amount, you are risking quite a lot. Remember that if you play with €63, you will soon have so much money, that you will be able to say investing €63 has payed off.

Where can I play?

You can play everywhere, but not all casinos are right for this. Our group searched for suitable casino for a long long time and we had to try more than 30 casinos until we found the one. Of course we will share this information with you too. If you'd like to play where we did, click on the link below.

If you choose the right casino and follow our guide, you won't lose. Grab the opportunity that appeared before you and start playing right now.

casino euro Unibet

Don't forget that if you deposit less than €63 you have great chance of losing. Do not risk needlessly.

What do we want in return?

Wo don't expect anything, but it will make us glad, if you send us a bottle of wine and your photo after winning your first €10,000. We have a picture collection of people whom this method helped make money they never even dreamed of.

Our email is info@hodne-penez.cz

thank you.

Hello friends. I bumped into online roulette sites multiple times, before I decided to try it. What preceeded was reading guides, calculating and so on. I didn't want to fall on my face. I also had people who have played roulette for some time advise me. I am happy I dared to try. It's an amusing game and if you concern youself with the tactics a little bit, you will see, that you will win money steadily. I personally have quite a nice extra income. I promised with my friend, that I will not reveal our tactic. But if you are interested and want to try playing roulette, there surely is much information about tactics. Best of luck to you.

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